The Heroine👸👸(Queen Mothers)

They are brave not for themselves but for their children and family. She takes in and tolerates what she shouldn’t, not for her own self but for the ones she loves. Her sense of love and care, started way back when she was a child. She is happy being second placed when it comes to the one she cherishes. She is always unoticed, because she is considered the weaker vessel to the man. But her presence denotes such importance. Her role is vital and her presence is needed.

She never minds falling and getting bruised for her children.


Her hands are a resting place. She is made to bring smile and happiness to all she comes across.

She is a mother, she’s a carer, she’s the girl who has become the woman. She’s the home carer, she’s the home builder. She’s fierce and courageous.

She takes upon herself even those she didn’t bare but loves all thesame. Her love knows no descrimination. She’s a heroine🌸🌸🌸!!!


Mothers ceaselessly groan in travail to bring forth life. She’s the starting point of life. She’s a good listener and we’ll versed with patience. She has endurance and she’s a teacher.


3 thoughts on “The Heroine👸👸(Queen Mothers)

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