THE MAN FROM WITHIN(The battlefield of the mind)

Today, I wish to talk on the man from within. We are more to what the eye see. Everyone who’s living is either an actor or an actress. We act  by what life throws at  us. Life gives us a plot and we develop our various characters and traits. We tend to wear a smile on our faces, but our hearts lurks with tears. We say all is well, when it’s definetly not. We are at constant battle and war  with the man within. The real “YOU”. We desire and wish to be in control of things but we find ourselves being incapacitated. We think to ourselves there’s something missing, yet we can’t find. True, it’s said man is a thinking being. But these thoughts that crop in mind daily places us at various war fronts. We battle with decisions within ourselves everyday, seeking the ultimate good. 
I am one good of a thinker. There are times when the disc in my mind goes playing. I start to ask myself questions, my worries keep going on a rise, then I battle within.

“Will problems ever cease”

It’s a definite NO. Relatively, I don’t think they’ll ever end. Our thoughts will never end. The constant battle will never end. But we got an edge over all these.
There sitting in the lonely boxed up corner in you head, you lack words, you seem to loose it. It’s like you are booting up.This is the real man. I would say the real you, is that person behind closed doors, when no none is aware of your presence, when no one sees you. You face yourself, looking through the eyes of your mind.


Am I going to make it?
How will I do this?
What am I to do?
What’s the way out?
Alot of questions that beckons answers probe our minds. We search and search but yet seem never to find. Even if we did find it, it’s not good enough. What then? Are we doomed to continously live these?
No still, we weren’t fashioned for this. I believe we were created with the will. That part of our being that has the decission making power to withstand the darts that prick our mind. These dark moments are there, Certained!!! But we have the choice to think right.


There has been lots of societal pressure as well as work pressure, or still peer pressure, why not relationship pressure. Truth is we live handling pressures all around us. But yet we still stand tall!. We are stronger than what we think we are.
It’s your choice, to end up whatever way you want. We make the decision to be where we Wanna be in life. When it comes wrong, we make it right….That’s the beauty to life. That each time there’s a twist in the story line of our lives, we get a way to fix it. Remember we are actors,  we make things happen!!
We have been smashed down, but we’re not destroyed. It’s just for a moment. We may be living at constant war within that breaks us, but it’s only at the broken points where we become stronger!


Life gives us so many punches that we get to forget the easier and sweeter part of life. Dwell on the things that make you happy. Prepare for the battle because, they will always come! Appreciate the best times. Be thankful for life, when it throws you stones, use them to harvest fruits…

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