Today’s quote is on perseverance and time. I got inspired today when I realized that, an issue I had been dealing with, using so much efforts to resolve, finally became resolved because I gave it time.
There are times we want answers to our question…NOW. We tried and came to the resolution that it isn’t worth it. We give up, and loose hope on ourselves. We find the journey getting harder as the days go by.


And then we make irrational decisions. We kill it prematurely. Everything in life grows….Growth is a natural process. And so if we will wish to see what the outcome of any given situation will be, we need to give it time.
Yield whatever you got to time. This is because time has a way of improving and healing.

To the broken hearts, you need time to heal
To those in need, you need time to have.
To those in pain, you need time to gain.

To everything, we need time. And so it doesn’t matter how hard we think our given situation might be, all we need is time.
Time has a way of breaking us up, teaching us lessons, cancelling our ideas on things, reshaping our perceptions. It has a way of showing us reality of things.