Today marks a happy day in my blogging expirience. I was nominated earlier today by My Kaby’s owner of the site Bittermarshmellos, to participate in a three days quote challenge. It is a unique blog with a unique angle and content are quite inspirational.
Let’s begin,


It is often said everything happens for a reason. And so does failure. Failure is a word we never want to expirience because it has a way of making us feel worthless. But we will never be able to better appreciate what we have until we have loosed it several times.
That’s the beauty of failure. That each time we fail,  it makes us better appreciate sucess when it comes. ..
So what am I saying……

Focus on the lesson life brings and not on the journey itself. There’s more to it than you think you see…

My Nominees
1) Inspire someone today
2) The fourth dimension of life
3) Kanwischer

Happy blogging❤🌸🌸🌸🌸