Have you ever felt wrongly understood by someone and blamed for the cause of a pain you know nothing about?? I have severally. And at times, you get falsely accused of something you know nothing about. At such a time what should you do?

Often at time we think saying Im sorry, goes only to the one you consciously  hurt or offend. I found myself saying I’m sorry, when I actually didn’t know what I did wrong!

Saying I am sorry carries and transmits alot. It has a way of bringing humility to anyone who utters it.

So then why should we say we’re sorry?

Relatively, we ask for forgiveness sometimes not because we did something wrong, but because we want to make things right. There’s this peace that comes up when you know you have a standing relationship with those around you.  There’s nothing more important than relationship. Keep them for they are a treasure💖💖

 There are three most powerful phrases that exists:

  • I love you
  • I am sorry
  • Thank you

Wherever you find yourself, be it the one who is hurt or the one who hurts…. We should forgive. But at times to forgive they say is not to forget!!! Pains caused by the ones we love and trust costs us so much. The wounds need time to heal. Not to force things but let them heal by themselves. Time heals all wounds…

Many might think when someone asks for forgiveness, they actually show some sign of weakness…..  Rather, it is a sign of  greater strength and maturity in reasoning when one does it.

Always forgive, always love and always appreciate🌸🌸🌸