Think Positive

Nature teaches us a lesson. When you’re down and think you can’t hold on anymore…Then, get a glipmse of nature…. Water, trees, rocks, birds, flowers, insects, each of them tells us a story of persistence, love, resistance and strength, and flexibility in any given life’s situation. 

  • Water tells of strength and flexibility. When we look at river, it never stops flowing no matter the rocks that stand in its way. It will definitely find a new course till it is emptied into the sea(its goal)
  • Troubled waters will never reveal what lies underneath. Till it is calm and settled, only then can we see the beauty it hides. Likewise e need a clam mind if we wish to clearly see our life’s purpose and better appreciate life’s beauty.

Nothing but yourself will stop you from living the dreams you carry inside of you. The moment you let yourself be defeated mentally by creating a fissure where “water” flows in, the ship of your dreams will start sinking.

When I looked at the above quote, I kept wondering and I learned something amazing…

The entire water of the sea(Negativities of this world), are essential to our dreams, because it gives us a driving force upon which we sail through. In other words there will always be the negative, there will always be times when things aren’t OK. But, it’d only become a problem when we allow it to.

At the end of it all, be happy with yourself. We shouldn’t go about looking for happiness, when we can create it. Nothing will be a barrier to you except you want it to…

Good thoughts are riches no one can afford. As the popular saying goes “idea is money”, maximise the use of your thoughts and tilt it always towards the right direction. So that in return, it will yield surplus for the betterment of your life.

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