​The beauty of life, is not when we live a faultless one, and are always aware of what is to come. It is, when we don’t know what awaits us, yet we rise with so much courage to face it head on.

If we were to know, the happenings in our life time before it did, we wouldn’t realise how much courage we have when it happens. We fall, we make mistakes and at some point we feel rejected because of our thoughts and perceptions of things….

We try to start up something and it seems not going the way it should. The beauty in all these is, when you fall, you rise…
Its not a matter of how many times you get hit and knocked down, but of how many times you rise after each hit. Its not the amount of physical strength that matters, but of mind strength.
I have made mistakes in my life, I have fallen at several points. And sometimes the fall seem so deserving that you think you deserved it for not trying your best! But, your best, is not measured on your success. It is measured by your willingness to pursue what you want against all odds…

Its OK to many and why not all, if you follow the path they have chosen. This is because the majority have. And when you don’t take that path, we often become a subject of mockery. 

Remember there’s a better appraisal when we succeed amidst the knock out, the falls, the mistakes and failures.