Everyone in life has gone through some moments that they wouldn’t want to relive… Painful, sad, depressing times, and also have been through happy, exciting and joyous moments…. I guess that’s just how life is.. “Like a coin with Two faces“. We never know what awaits us in the future. So, we shouldn’t keep ourselves bound within the limits of our past pains and gains….

Life is a journey, powered by the decision will of man. Somethings happen to us, we made the decision and choice, and others just come our way and makes us victims of circumstances. We have experienced joyous moments, and hard times have also so badly hit us as the sea banks hit the rocks by the seashore…  No matter how depressed we think we can be, or less confident of who we are, not worthy enough to accomplish what’s set before us, because we have tried in the past but yet couldn’t acheive, it makes us, no less important than we think we are.

You’ve been hit and crushed down, but not destroyed. The power to be what you want to be, beckons on you to use it! We look too far trying to seek answers, who to tell us what will change us. No one’s a greater motivator than you are to yourself. 

“Our past whether be good or not, were flames of fire out of which we’ve been forged.  Its high time we stop focusing on the reason to our failure and fix our minds on the revelation it brings “

 In our daily lives, when we consume the content like water, juice or other beverages, the container got no use to us at that time because the content has been used. At this point it could be thrown. But the concept of “recycling” amazes me so much!!

Basically, recycling entails reprocessing something to make it useful again. We need to start recycling those areas of our lives we think are broken. Don’t throw it out! Recycle it. And make your life a story to be told, a book to be read and a testimony to be given.



Beautiful week to you all!!!