As I lay down in that dark corner of my room, wondering and pondering why would someone I so much trust, leave me hanging at this painful and hard time of my life… How will I get out of here…. My trust has been broken….

The sense of betrayal creeps in and my heart start closing up to never trust anyone anymore. “I need to be on my own,….those I trusted are not worth trusting and so is anyone  I encounter… Wouldn’t want to re-live this experience the second time”

No one seems to be telling me what my heart craves to hear. My mind has it registered, “I couldn’t succeed and push through with my plans because I was betrayed by those I trusted”.

These thoughts creep in day by day, months, years, and I discover that there is nothing I’m holding unto to, than these thoughts….. They become an integral part of me. It affects my relationship with people, it affects my perceptions in life, it affects my working relationship, it affects practically everything about my personal growth…..

The days seems to be like seconds and months like minutes and years like hours…. Each passing day, the more I realise its so hard for me to Let IT GO.

We often rely on people, because we need them. As the popular addage goes, ” No man is an island” we need people. Because they give us a sense of belonging.

But, the major problem I faced was, I never realised that people come into ones life for a particular purpose. And when they’re done, its but normal they leave. There’s no one man who’d teach you all the lessons in life; those who betray you, teach you to be brave, those who abandon you, teach you to be responsible, those who show you love, teach you to love others. And so on!!!!

This was so hard for me to accept…. But its a truth I learnt to. And it has drastically changed my perception to this regard.

When someone you trust leaves, he didn’t really leave, he just made way for someone else to come show a lesson to you that’d make you unique and different form others…..


11 thoughts on “LET IT GO

  1. Beautiful… Sometimes we just need to release. I her you!.
    It is all about what the situation has shown us… and that might mean that we might even use it for a new mission in our lives. If we get stuck in the reason, we’ll miss the revelation … xx Best to you!

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    1. Thanks @aquileana for stopping by and offering such wonderful contribution…… I can’t agree any less….its high time we stop focusing on the reasons of our pains, and fix our minds on what the pains teaches us( revelation)….. I like that word!!!

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