The man in the Mirror

We all take a look at the mirror, to conduct an appraisal of ourselves. We take a look at the mirror, to perfect any imperfection, to set right what Was wrong. To take off what isn’t needed, and add that which is relevant.At the end of it all, what we have is “the desired result” we have so long sought for!. 

A successful live, in whatever domain rests upon the foundation of selfevaluation, advice, patience, consistency and focus. What matters is not the distance of the journey, because sometimes we so much get lost in the pleasures of fulfilling our dreams and yet forget the lessons it brings. What matters most is what we encounter, the experiences we have in making that journey. 

It is the duty of every man with the desire to lead a successful life, to always look ” at the man in the mirror ” Are you what you want to be? Have you fulfilled your dreams? Where did you go wrong? What was lacking?…

As one ponders over these self evaluating questions, we get a clearer view of what e want to be. The dark clouds of doubts and fear are cleared away by the shining light of courage, and self discovery.

Published by Living what you love

A passionate young Cameroonian with the desire to bring about community development and change. I have a nack for the art of cooking.....and interpreting personal recipes!!!

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