The importance of human relations in Business

Often at times, when the word “business”is mentioned, one thinks of profit making ventures and forget one of the most essential elements which is “human relations”.How to manage workers, in sustaining organisational goals is a very crucial point. At times, this becomes so difficult due to varying temperament people have. At one point, one of the guide laws of human resource management states the essentiality of a personality test! Personality testing in human resource management simply put, is carried out by the human resource department, to have a fore knowledge on prospective worker’s character traits/ mood.
However, one thing I have learnt in my three years working, is that, adopting a friendly and family atmosphere as a working environment yields the greatest of results. Yes! I know more often than not, many see it as a platform to call on laziness and redundancy at work. Nonetheless, form my observation, workers are human and not some slave. The best working environment is not just limited to best facilities put in place, but, that feeling of togetherness, what I call the ” team spirit”

Workers want to belong, they wish to be identified as a cause of success. When we treat workers as an essential part of our organisations success, it spurs them to do even more.

And I have noticed! That more often than not, companies spend more on TV adverts, billboard, radio ads….. Which are all good, but workers will do more when well treated! when workers are well treated, they become ambassadors of your company, wherever they may be and not only that, they also become more efficient in the realization of your organizational goals. One on one communication has proven to be one of the most effective modes of communication. The chances of believability is quite high!

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