What they want…..

Yielding to the decisions set by people who hold a certain level of authority over youths and children, has always been the order of the day in most developing countries. Youths and children have always been caught in such delimma, caught in between the web of confusion, deciding on which dream to realise, theirs or what others want….But more often than not, it has always been what they want, suppressing and neglecting children’s desires and dreams. 

The social environment in which children/youths often live in, characterised by so much fear and insecurity, transforms them into less performant beings, afraid of showing up who they are. The fear of not being integrated in to a certain social environment all amounts to the fact that, they are not loved,not heard, not cherished, rather, asked to do what others want them to do.

 International organisations like the United Nations Organization stand out, giving a platform to children to express, serving as a refuge to every child who has been marginalized and side lined. 

However, in the midst of such uncertain present, great leaders are born. Children who will represent the future world we all seek. Those who will usher us into the changed world we all need….

Children and youths constitute the back born of every society.  And am proud of being one….

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