The Mother Eagle Lesson

Often at times we’re afraid of letting our dreams out of the mental cage of fear. Will people accept what I have? Will they appreciate what I have? Will they find my skills extraordinary? Do I have the courage? Can I do it?

Courage is only for the brave. And the bravest of people aren’t people of great physical strength but of mental strength. I was greatly inspired by a documentary I watched today about the mother eagle and her eaglets. Eagles normally build their nests in tall trees or on high cliffs.  After the eaglet gets to a certain maturity, mother eaglet comes back, but this time around, she doesn’t return with food on her beak as she always does. Rather, she hovers over the nest, as she remains almost motionless in mid air with her wings.

I wondered why she did that? Why didn’t she bring food for her eaglets? Why is she hovering over them? It made no sense…… I thought to myself….

Thereafter, she flies down with such great speed and pushes the eaglet out of the nest!…. Why?? …..why did she do that? We’d say she’s wicked! Today i was inspired by the mother eagle….she has something most of us haven’t nurtured. She’s courageous and brave in taking risk. She sees nothing as a limitation. She proves to her eaglets that if she can, they can, age and size is no limitation.

Sometimes all we need in life is a little push…..for us to break free from the chains of fear and soar just like the eagle. She chooses to maximise her desire to fly and mininse the fear of falling…. And so should we.

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